John Apple


Time Line of Legal Action in John's Case


Homicide occurred.  John arrested and charged with murder.

11/24/1975 Certification of the Grand Jury issued.  John ruled “not responsible” for his acts on 10-4-75, pursuant to §99-13-5 Miss. Code Ann.
11/25/1975 Notice of Certification given by Hinds County Circuit Judge Leon F. Hendrick to Hinds County Chancery Court.  John ordered to Mississippi State Hospital at Whitfield on civil commitment.
11/26/1975 John transferred to Whitfield.
c. 12-17-75 John released from Whitfield into pre-trial detention.  Charged again with murder.
3/1/1976 John indicted for murder.
5-3-76 – 5-7-76 John has public trial.  John convicted of murder.
5/12/1976 John sent to Whitfield by trial Judge Russell W. Moore pending appeal to Supreme Court of Mississippi.
7/28/1977 John released from Whitfield to Hinds County Detention Center.
8/4/1977 John waives right to remain in Detention Center, and requests transfer to Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman.
9/28/1977 John transferred to Parchman.
4/19/1978 Supreme Court of Mississippi affirms John’s conviction.  Alexander v. State, 358 So 2d 379 (Mississippi 1978).
5-9-78 – 5-12-78 “Wrongful death” civil trial.  John publicly accepts responsibility for his actions.
12/28/1978 John achieves trusty status (“A” Custody).  Assigned to Parchman Prison Band.
8/27/1984 John released on parole.
9/23/1986 John charged with simple assault.  Arrested on affidavit of John’s father.
9/25/1986 John convicted of simple assault in Forrest County Justice Court.
10/27/1986 John’s parole revoked for failure to live at liberty without violating the law.
7/24/1987 John’s father signs affidavit stating he only took action to get John regulated on his medicine.
8/4/1987 Simple assault charges dismissed in de novo Forrest County Court proceedings.
5/20/1992 John's father dies of liver cancer.
12/8/1994 Supreme Court of Mississippi rules parole revocation unlawful.  Alexander v. State, 647 So.2d 693 (Miss. 1994).
4/25/1995 John meets Parole Board – Given a 1-year setoff.
11/30/1995 Supreme Court of Mississippi withdraws 647 So.2d 693.  Alexander v. State, 667 So. 2d 1 (Mississippi 1995).
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