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Mississippi Jubilee

Dr. Johnny Bley

Name: John P. Alexander

Sermon Brief #Xtra Credit

Date: April 4, 2010

Text: Isaiah 61:1-2. Luke 4:18-19.
Subject: The acceptable (favorable) year of the LORD (Mississippi Jubilee)

Theme: The deliverance of the captives

Proposition: History repeats itself. Following the wisdom of Scripture, it is beneficial to release the captives (prisoners in the MDOC) every 50 years.

Objective: To restore social order, and to revitalize the economy.

Interrogative Sentence: Is it not reasonable to ask God to keep his promise and deliver us from the penalty for our sins, (imprisonment in the MDOC)?

Key Word: Jubilee

Transitional Sentence: The text today from Isaiah 61:1-2 was quoted by Jesus at the beginning of His public ministry (Luke 4:18-19), thus making the Jubilee a provision of the New Testament (Covenant).

Major Points:

1. Man's problem (prison overcrowding during a time of economic want)
2. God's provision (the Jubilee Year)
3. Man's appropriation (Mass pardons for prisoners)

Minor Point

1. The Mississippi Jubilee will restore social order and revitalize the economy:
a. Fathers in prison go home and take care of their wayward children.
b. An influx of highly-skilled, highly-motivated, self-actualized people will
serve to even the (metaphorical) playing-field, and also will spur competition,
thus providing a much-needed spark to our economy.
c. Money from prison budgets could be used elsewhere..

Introduction: Through the Mosaic Law, the LORD provided His people with practical wisdom. One of the provisions of this law is the Jubilee Year. At the beginning of His public ministry, Jesus incorporated the concept of "the favorable year of the Lord" as a part of the New Covenant

Title: The Mississippi Jubilee: Blueprint for Survival

Conclusion: A Jubilee year in Mississippi during the calendar year, 2010, will serve to restore social order and to revitalize the economy. It is a God-initiated principle which can be used as a divinely-appointed remedy to the crisis we face in the year 2010.


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