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Reflections on American Government Prayer of the Good Thief, By John Apple
Readers' Views (Clarion-Ledger 8/1995) Remembering Mr. Clarke
April in July Reflections on James Bond
In Memory of Catherine Lee Analysis of the Status of the Death Penalty in the State of Mississippi
Reflections on Satan:  The Adversary Reflections on Islam
Foreword:  Many Reflections An Open Letter to the Prosecutors in Mississippi
Dedication:  Many Reflections Reflections on the Veneration of Mary the Mother of Our Lord
Commencement Address Reflections on Oprah Winfrey
Reflections on the Season of Advent Reflections on Susan Lucci
From the Pen of John Apple 12/1995 Reflections on Judaism
Yuletide Greetings from John Apple Analysis of the "National Tobacco Policy"
Christmas Greetings from John Apple Reflections:  On the Women of Solomon
Reflections on Relativity, the Big Bang Theory, Creationism, Evolution, and the Germ Theory of Disease Reflections:  On Ecumenism
Dear Editor, February 14, 1998 Reflections on the Church's Dialogue Concerning Human Sexuality
Little Things of Value:  Show Me the Money Reflections on the Gay Debate
The Mississippi Jubilee:  Blueprint for Survival Reflections on the Abortion Debate
Reflections on the Resurrection An Open Letter to the Members of My Parents' Generation
From the Pen of John Apple Nineteen-Ninety-Eight:  The Year in Review
Reflections:  On the Occasion of the Fiftieth Anniversary of Father James Carroll's Ordination to the Priesthood The Ghosts of Mississippi's Past & The Ghosts of Parchman's Peach Orchard
Reflections on the Season of Pentecost An Open Letter to the People of the State of Mississippi
Where Sin Abounds, Grace Abounds Even More:  Christianity at Parchman Prison The Role of Technology in the Liberation of Parchman:  The Light of Self-education Comes to a People in Darkness
Reflections on the 4th of July A Lenten Epilogue:  An Open Letter to the Churches and to People of Faith
Reflections on the Occasion of the Transfiguration Reflections:  On the Folly of Wisdom and the Wisdom of Folly
Go Ahead, Moses:  A Border Song Reflections on the Concept of "Corrections"
Christmas Greetings 2005  Mourning Twente, February 14, 2005
Spiritual Autobiography, October 1993 Dear Editor: July 14, 2006
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